Baby Bearded Dragon Feeding

A baby bearded dragon feeding to do be done more often as they need more fats and protein from the food for rapid growth. They should be fed least 2 to 3 times a day.

The main concern in feeding baby bearded dragon is the food size, especially insects such as crickets. The proper food size should be 1/3 of the hatchling’s head and the length should be smaller than the distance between their eyes.

Feeding hatchling with small prey is a must as large items can lead to paralysis and even death. However, it is hard to find small crickets especially during winter season, thus breeding your own crickets is the secure way to provide clean and disease-free cricket for your baby bearded dragon. The Crickets Breeding Made Simple is a best book about breeding crickets that I’ve ever read.

It is recommended to feed crickets to hatchling as they do not have the hard chitinous like mealworms have and can cause impactions as larger crickets do. Small crickets are full of protein needed for growing as well. The crickets should be dusted with supplements at least once in one of the feedings.

Besides small crickets, small bearded dragons need greens, fruits and vegetables at this time as well. If many baby dragons are housed in the same enclosure, this can help keeping them from nipping their counterparts’ tails and toes. If shredded dark leafy greens and vegetables are offered, they will be to nibble between feeding times whenever they desire to.

One of the feeding principles for baby bearded dragon is to offer them plenty of water. You may mist their head, cage wall, and decorations with water until they start to lap the water droplets. You can try to provide a water dish at this time, just to ensure that water is shallow. Medication dropper can be used to feed water to them if you have time.