Baby Bearded Dragon Handling

Handling baby bearded dragon may be a little bit tricky as this small reptile seems to get stressed quite easily in not handling well. It will be quite challenging for a beginner. The best way for handling baby dragons is try not to handle them too often as they can be overly stressed.

For the first time when holding the baby dragon, be sure that they have at least 3 days to get acclimated to their new surroundings.

When it is the first try to hold them, they may resist, but approach them slowly. Try to pick them up from side instead of top.
This will reduce the risk of being scared. Reach out the bottom of the body part, and support their body with another hand, let the body feel that it is standing firmly on your hands.

As they are getting older, it won’t be a problem. At this time, you can hold them anytime as you want to. However, do not over do it.

Enjoy handling your baby bearded dragons, but do not do it frequently.