Baby Bearded Dragons Housing

Caring for baby bearded dragon is very similar to the adult beardie care, however there are slight differences. They need more care because they are small and fragile compared to their counterparts.

First of all, it is the housing for bearded dragon babies. They do not require big enclosure size and ambient space. If the cage is too large, they may find it difficult chasing down and hunting for the prey. If the enclosure is too big, they may feel insecure living in it. Smaller enclosure will make them feel more secure.

Many people are using 10 – 20 gallon aquarium or enclosure that is equivalent same size for the hatchling. It is quite an appropriate size that is needed. When it is growing up, you may need to consider switching your pet to a bigger cage.

The placement of baby bearded dragon cage should be taken into consideration as well. Try to avoid place that is busy and high footage traffic, especially when there are children running around and may get a chance to hit the enclosure. The disturbances may always stress them up and they feel insecure about that.

Housing for baby bearded dragon is not hard. Just make sure that the cage is small, placed at low traffic area, and provide good temperature and lighting setup.