Bearded Dragon Cage Options

There are many reptile cage options that you can use to house bearded dragons. The cage can be very nice or simple. It’s quality vs. price issue. It depends on you which types of reptile cage that is suitable for your budget, space constraint, and how much effort you are ready to put in to maintain the dragon’s home.

Generally speaking, there is no best cage option for the bearded dragons. The reptile enclosures have its strength and weakness. You can plan and select for your own best pet dragon house by studying on different types of options, visiting more pet shops or pet shows, get the idea, and decide which one is best suited you.

These are the general housing options for bearded dragon that you may want to consider:

One of the money saving options for beardie housing, yet very viable.

Aquarium or glass tank
Using aquarium as the bearded dragon tank is the most popular among the reptile pet community.

Molded plastic cage
One of the best options available if you have enough budget for your pet dragon housing.

Custom made cage
This option is quite good if you need a nice vivarium that match your house design.

Plastic tote (temporary solution for young dragons)
Budget option for baby or young bearded dragons with less than 6”

Make and build your own bearded dragon cage
It’s good to make your own bearded dragon enclosure if you are creative and know how to do it correctly.