Bearded Dragon Substrate Options

There are many types of substrate that you can use for your bearded dragon cage as housing bedding. Plenty of them are available on the pet market which varies between their functionality, appearance and price. There are weakness and strength between them. It is much depends on the pet owner if he prefers an easy to clean cage or more beautiful naturalistic vivarium.

It does not matter much on which type of reptile substrate that you select for you bearded dragons, as long as they are enjoying their home and you are fine with the budget because some of the substrate might be expensive to use if you have large bearded dragon cage.

Even there are many substrate options that you can choose from the pet market, but no all the substrates are good to bearded dragons. These are several reptile substrates choice that you can use.

This is the one many people use to create the naturalistic environment of bearded dragon, however there are many pet owners are worry about the impaction that might happen.

Shelf Liner
Non-adhesive shelf liner can minimize the risks of impaction, better appearance than newspaper and it is easy to clean.

Newspaper is one of the good substrate options which is readily available, economical, and easy to clean. The main drawback is the way it looks.

Reptile Carpet
Reptile carpet is a good substrate that can be maintained easily. It is comparable to the functionality of newspaper with better appearance but you need to spend a little for this. It doesn’t cost much anyway.

Ceramic Tiles
It can be very good options for your bearded dragon bedding that you may consider to use. It may heat up very well under the basking light that becomes a warming platform for bearded dragon.

These are several good choices if you wonder on which types of substrate that you can use for your pet dragons.
In conclusion, a good substrate should be beneficial for your bearded dragon, easy to clean, economical, and pleasing to your eyes.