Bearded Dragons Vitamin and Calcium Supplements

In addition to insects and vegetation feeding, vitamin and mineral such as calcium are need to be fed to bearded dragons regularly for them to stay healthy all the time.

In captivity, the food we are feeding bearded dragons are not enough in nutrients, thus including vitamin and mineral supplements for their diet is vital. Nevertheless, over feeding of vitamin and minerals can become toxic if it is not properly done.

The easiest way of feeding the vitamin and mineral to bearded dragons can be done through “dusting” on the live feeder insects, vegetables or fruits. Usually the reptile owners will only dust the feeder insects because it provides more nutritional values.

Dusting the insects with bearded dragon supplement is fairly easy. All you need to do is place your live insects in a plastic bag or cup, add appropriate amount of vitamins or minerals according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Close the plastic or cup; shake it for few seconds until the insects are covered by the supplements.

There are many types of bearded dragon supplements in the pet stores today, including vitamin and minerals. Try to search for supplements that are especially made for reptile. Many have asked on how to select an adequate supplement for bearded dragons. The main key is to use separate calcium mineral and vitamins to prevent degradation of the supplement.

A good vitamin should contain beta carotene, instead of vitamin A. It will be converted into vitamin A when digested. Please take note that high intake of vitamin A is toxic for bearded dragons. A good mineral would contain 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Otherwise, calcium absorption of bearded dragon would be difficult.

A proper dosage of vitamins and minerals intake is vital. The intake may vary on the bearded dragon’s age. Young bearded dragons need more calcium and vitamin compared to the elderly as they are growing rapidly. Over or under feeding of supplements to bearded dragon may have negative effect on its health.

A guide on vitamin and mineral intake dosage for bearded dragons are as follows:

  • Baby or young bearded dragon up to 2 months needs to take calcium and vitamin daily; one dusted feeding per day is required.
  • 2 to 6 months bearded dragon needs calcium daily and vitamin every other day.
  • 6 month to 1 year bearded dragon should take calcium every other day and vitamins 3 times a week.
  • 1 year or elder bearded dragon should have calcium every 2 to 3 days and vitamin 2 times a week.

This simple guideline is generally used for most of the bearded dragons. However it may vary on your bearded dragon health conditions.

Bearded dragon supplement are important as part of the dietary plan for the reptile. A good dietary plan is good for their health; however always keep in mind that the rule of thumb is not to over feeding them.