Buying a Baby Bearded Dragon

Baby bearded dragons are cute and have high market demands. Many are trying to buy a baby dragon as their first pet. Hatchling is hardly found as the breeders seldom put the little pet up on sales as caring for them is quite difficult. They search here and there for a baby bearded dragon that is for sales. There is nothing wrong when purchasing the hatchling, but you need to have at least certain knowledge in taking care of them.

Before you start buying a baby dragon, equip yourself with certain knowledge, always what to expect and response when problems arise, especially the health issues. Placing baby dragons at high traffic area, over handling, wrong food feeding are common mistakes of the pet owners. If the baby bearded dragon is not well managed, it can soon become tired, sick looking, or resist to drink or eat. It will be stressful for you if you come across this issue.

If you are the first time baby bearded dragon buyer, it is good idea to purchase one that is at least 8 weeks old. You may inquire the seller, it doesn’t matter if you are buying online from a breeder, offline breeder, reptile show, or the local pet stores. If they do not know the baby dragon’s age, then make sure that it is at least 5 to 6 inches in length. This will save you lots of troubles.

If you are searching for baby bearded dragons, there are several places you can find them, such as online pet stores, forum, reptile show, pet show, local pet stores, and local breeders. If you’re trying your luck online, try to ask around in reptile forum or bearded dragon forum where most of the enthusiasts and breeders hang around.