How to Select Bearded Dragon Cage

There are many factors that you need to consider when come to choosing your bearded dragon cage. It is worth taking some times to plan your reptile cage selection so that you can make sure that you have selected your “best” reptile cage for your bearded dragon. There are several criterion that you need to considers.

Easy maintenance
Cleaning of the bearded dragon cage should be done more often to make sure that the bearded dragons living well in their home. Many pet owners suffer the difficulties in cleaning the cage because it is that to maintain and inaccessible, making them lack of enthusiasm to do that.

A clean housing can keep bearded dragons away from the diseases, sickness and illness. When buying a new cage, make sure that it is easy to clean. Accessibility to the inside of the cage is one of the main concerns. For example, front opening cage is easier to clean compare to top opening. In this case, molded plastic cage is very good.

Easy accessible to bearded dragon
Bearded dragon owners always like to play to their pet. If you are not plan in advance on how to pick up your reptile dragon, then you might have difficulties in approaching your bearded dragons.

From many feedbacks of bearded dragons’ owners, it is better to have enclosure which has side door because it is easier to pick them up. The pet also will feel much secure if you try to pick them up from side compare to accessing them from top.

Location and space availability
There are several considerations to place your bearded dragon cage.

Firstly, it should be placed at a location with less traffic to reduce stress level of the dragons, however try not to place them at too quiet place as they like to see activities around them. Besides, it should be away from heat such as direct sunlight or cold place which has air-conditioning facilities to make sure the temperature of the cage is well-controlled.

To determine the cage of bearded dragon, you need to evaluate the location consideration and if there is such as place. Make sure that the space is sufficient to accommodate your favorite reptile cage before you place an order.

Reptile cage attractiveness
Even if the particular cage has met the above mentioned factors, it should be appear attractive to you in terms of functionality and its outlook. You can find a cage that comes with many functions and professionally designed in naturalistic view or just as simple as an empty aquarium tank. It all depends on your budget for the reptile cage.