Where to Buy Bearded Dragon

There are always many opinions around on where to buy a most beautiful and healthiest bearded dragon. There are good and bad places around, but you need to carefully evaluate the pet store and bearded dragon before buying.

One of the good places to buy a bearded dragon is from the breeders itself. It doesn’t matter whether it is from internet, reptile expo or your local bearded dragon breeder. Buying through them, you can actually find a healthy pet, and you would have a chance to select your favored colorful morph due to plenty of choices.

A reputable breeder is important when you are buying a bearded dragon. A reputable breeder has years of invaluable experiences in breeding and selling bearded dragons in the reptile industry. They have great track record and recommendations from many reptile hobbyists around.

Beside the breeders, another great place is reptile pet stores. There are small and big pet stores available locally. Make sure the store is clean and taking good care of their reptile pets that are on shelves. Most of the pet stores are located in the cities, you may easily find one.

One of the mistakes that most of the new bearded dragon owners do is buying their pets from mega pet store. I never say that it is bad to buy from mega pet stores but you have to make sure that they are taking good care of the bearded dragons for sales.

Due to the large scale of the pet trade, and many things to take care of, many people suspect if they are taking good care of their reptiles or selling bearded dragons that are too young. However, you cannot blame anything on mega pet stores; there are great mega stores around also. Just to make sure everything I mention in “bearded dragon buying guide” meet the requirements, and then it would be fine. There are no guidelines on which pet store to buy a pet, and you need to justify yourself.

A smaller “mom and pop” doesn’t sound good either. There are not many choices around and they might not be the professional enough to give you advice on bearded dragons. Try to avoid pet stores that are dirty and poorly lit.

A good place to buy a bearded dragon is from reptile expo or pet show. There will be a lot of reptile breeders and pet stores to exhibit. A great point is that there are many choices around from different types of sources. The price will be lower due to the competition in the exhibitions.

A good bearded dragon seller always has a return policy if terms and conditions are met. If you can find one, then it will be very good. I hope this article can help you to select your best bearded dragon.