Restraining and Taming Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are docile and friendly, but there are some that can be aggressive and resist handling which need to be restrained and tamed.

There are methods and techniques in restraining a bearded dragon. If the dragons are calmer, if you handle them frequently they will be tamed eventually.

An aggressive dragon can’t be restrained easily. Do not be afraid to the aggressive bearded dragon, start by briefly handling everyday first. You may need to move your hand a little quicker and handle it firmly with both hands. It may give warning signs and let it go if it is getting aggressive. Try several times on other attempts until you hold it eventually.

Petting the bearded dragon is needed once you hold it. This should be done more frequently for an aggressive dragon and it will be restrained and tamed in several weeks.

If your bearded dragon is extremely aggressive, you may try to handle them after switching off the enclosure lighting. It will be easier to do this because the dragon is getting to sleep and it will not be so resistant to handling. Be persistent and hopefully your pet dragon is open for restraining and petting.

Restraining bearded dragon need some efforts. However, it is the greatest part of having bearded dragon as reptile pet. Practice make perfect. A frequent handling will make your pet become more docile and friendly, especially when it getting older.