Bearded Dragon Cage Lighting Options

A proper lighting choice for your bearded dragon cage is needed. From the variety of reptile lighting accessories available in the market today, you need to select one work best for your pet’s home.

The main purpose of lighting setup is the source of heat and UV-B. Try to install the lighting accessories that provide both of these functions in one. Most of the lighting equipments in the pet shops always do. It is up to your personal choice as long as it meets this requirement for lighting.

A source of lighting always is the source of heating. The major options of lighting are florescent lights, mercury-vapor lights and sunlight.

Florescent Lights
There are florescent lights made for reptile which can produce UV-B rays and without much heat generated. It is good lighting source without affecting the heat control for the enclosure.

Compact Fluorescent Lights
This is new generation of florescent lights which is smaller size. It is suitable for smaller cage.

Mercury-Vapor Lights
This is one of the good source of light for bearded dragon as it product UV-A and UV-B rays. However the heat generated might be high. This make this optional more suitable for larger vivarium. Not recommended for smaller cage as it may overheat your pet.

Sunlight Exposure
Regularly expose your bearded dragon to sun light is good. It is the best natural UV-B rays that your lizard should obtain in the wild. Daily exposure of 20 to 30 minutes to the sun light would be great. However, make sure that the outdoor temperature is warmth for bearded dragons before you bring them out for sun bath.

As conclusions, it doesn’t matter which lighting equipment you use as the light source, but it is necessary to include at least one UV-B light source for your bearded dragon vivarium.