Bearded Dragon Reptile Heating Supplies and Accessories

There are heating accessories that can be used for the bearded dragon cage. They are design with different materials yet serving the same function, which is providing heat for the vivarium.

Many reptile supplies company are producing the cage heating equipments. Those from Zoomed, ESU and Exoterra are few of the quality brands.

These are the several heating options that you may use for the bearded dragon housing.

Basking Light
Basking light is the most common source of heat used for bearded dragon in the captivity. Most of the reptile that like to bask under the sun seems to love this kind of heat source as it can provide high temperature. A single basking light may be sufficient to provide warmth for a normal size bearded dragon tank. If the weather is too cool, you may added another lower wattage bulb to heat up the tank.

There are many types of basking lights on the pet market. Each of them have different specifications, might be different wattage or light colors. Some reptile supplies vendor may claim that their basking lights can product brighter and more colourful reptiles. Certain brand claims that their lights are designed to be energy saving.

Basking Light Fixture
Light fixture is needed to hold the basking light. Certain fixtures are built-in with socket that is rated up to 150W. It is recommended to use the fixture that is come with ceramic or porcelain socket. It can last longer under the long-hour heat exposure. Mostly are sold in pet store or hardware shop.

UV-B Heat Lights
UV-B heat lights can emit heat and UV-B rays. Some reptile owners are saying that it is more beneficial to the pet compared to conventional florescent lights. However it is much more suitable to be used in the bigger reptile cage due to high heat emitted. Try to not use if the bearded dragon do not have ample room to move around.

Heat Emitters
Generally, heat emitters are used as secondary heat source if the surrounding environment is too cold. There are several types available in the pet market. Mostly are infrared ceramic heat emitters with different wattage rating.

Under Tank Heaters
Under tank heat mats and heat cables are the common products used by the bearded dragon community. It can serve as secondary heat source for the pet dragons.

The advantage of having under tank heaters is that it is better looking as it is buried under the substrate. However you might need routine check on this setup because the exposure of heaters may burn the bearded dragons if it is overheated. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use their products.

The above-mentioned products are the common reptile heating accessories in the pet market that is widely used among the bearded dragon community. I’m sure that they are much more options that you can find in the market as the heat source for your bearded dragon.