How to Design and Decorate Bearded Dragon Cage

How to design and decorate bearded dragon’s cage is one of the main concern of many bearded dragon pet owner in the progress of vivarium setup?

Generally, as long as the cage setup has met the minimum requirement, it should be no problem in how you decorate the reptile cage. It is most probably based on personal favorite on the cage design and decoration.

One of the favorite activities of bearded dragon is perching. Make sure that you have nice and stable perching spots that bearded dragons can stand on it. This can be done with the driftwoods and rocks. Having perching accessories such as driftwoods or rocks under the basking spot can create the gradient of temperature that they find suitable for them.

A perching place under the basking light is not enough for bearded dragon. Try to place some stable climbing materials towards at the other areas which they can have different options of perching places.

If the perching or climbing materials are arranged in a way that your bearded dragons can hide or rest, then a hide box is not necessary. However, if you would like to have this implementation, ensure that they will not fall and hurt your bearded dragon when it is hiding.

A suitable area to place the food and water dishes is at the other end of the vivarium, as far as possible away from the basking spot which may dry out the fruits and vegetables or even kill the mealworms. Bearded dragon prefer a low humidity environment, thus it helps slowing down the evaporation of the water.

There are many cosmetic and artificial reptile accessories that you can use to create to further enhance your bearded dragon cage design with your creative imagination. Just spent some time to visit the pet shops near your area or navigate around the internet and check it out.