Bearded Dragon Reptile Cage Decor and Accessories Options

There are plenty of alternative that you can decorate your bearded dragon home to make it better and look more naturalistic.

There are no specific guidelines to decorate the reptile cage. Many pet owners have tried their best searching here and there to find something special reptile cage decoration accessories for their pet’s home to make them as unique and natural look as possible.

However, in searching the decors, you must keep several important principles. You should make sure that the decors are easy to clean and maintain. Secondly make sure that the decors or accessories are placed firm so that they cannot fall and hurt your bearded dragon.

Here are the several décor options that you may use for your bearded dragon cage and what is their main function. Some are the must-have accessories but some are optional types. If you see something more unique from the internet or pet shop, you can add it to your bearded dragon vivarium at anytime as long as it is safe for your dragons.

Climbing Materials
Important decors for bearded dragons as they like to climb and perch. Several types of of climbing material that you may choose from including driftwood and rocks.

Hide Box
It is a place for hide when they feel threatened and reduce their stress. A hide box is recommended.

Food Dish
This is an important area to place the bearded dragon food and diet such as mealworms, fruits or vegetables to avoid contact with the substrate.

Water Dish
This is nice addition but not necessary as bearded dragon seldom drink from the water dish. However, you should change your fresh water to avoid growing bacteria if you provide one.

There are some other decorations that you can add for your bearded dragon including background, plants or cosmetic decors. The additional will make the reptile cage more beautiful.