Different Types of Bearded Dragon

These are several types of bearded dragons you may find the pet shops or pet show today. They are different in terms of its size and slightly in its behavior, coloring and appearance.

There are many types of bearded dragon you may find in the wild; however the most common types are the three species that I mentioned in the bearded dragon common facts, which looked quite similar between them. However there are differences between them.

Inland bearded dragon
It also known as central bearded dragon; this is the bearded dragon that is found in the pet community most of the time. When people are referring to bearded dragons, either in books, pet magazine, websites, or pet shops, this is the one they are mentioning. Otherwise, the specifications will be given.

They are originally found in Australia mainland, but occasionally you can see them near the coastal part of the southern part and eastern part of Australia.

In the pet industry today, many inland bearded dragons are bred in captivity as they live and breed well. Due to the massive breeding by many professional breeders due to the high demand of the market, the market is quite saturate in certain places, and price drop recently in the pet trade and making them readily available and affordable for many bearded dragon enthusiasts.

To help you in recognizing this type of inland bearded dragon, just keep in mind that this species has a pair of distinctive spot on the neck base. This can be seen on inland bearded dragons only. The reason of the popularity of this reptile is that they are docile, friendly and quite close to human.

Coastal Bearded Dragon
Coastal bearded dragon are common found at the east and south coast of Australia.

Comparing to the popularity of inland beardie, this coastal bearded dragons is rarely seen in the pet community.

They are nothing difference in term of size compared to bearded dragon inland, but the color of this type of bearded dragon is quite dull and darker. They do not have the distinctive spots on the neck base as seen on inland dragon. This type of bearded dragons is more aggressive and harder to tame. These might be the reasons why the pet community prefers inland dragon.
However the advantage of having this bearded dragon is that they are stronger in body, more resistant to cold weather and high humidity.

Rankin Dragon
Rankin bearded dragons are mostly found near the western and central of Queensland, Australia.

This type of bearded dragon is quite hard to find in the pet community.

One of the biggest attractions of this Rankin bearded dragon and making them in high demand is that they are quite small in body size comparing to the Inland and Coastal dragons. The biggest size of their body is about 13 inches long.

Another way to differentiate this type of bearded dragon is that they are lacking of inflatable beard.

I hope these type of bearded dragons comparison can make you understand more on the differences of these species.