Bearded Dragon Buying Guide

Selecting a good bearded dragon is not difficult. In the ideal case, the bearded dragon we purchase from the pet store, breeders, or internet should be happy and healthy when ready to bring it home. But it is not the case in most of the time. There are certain criteria you need to check on the new pet if you are trying to buy one. Once the pet dragon can meet these signs, then it would be a great pet reptile.

There are several tips in choosing a bearded dragon that I would like to share with you here, you can apply these knowledge wherever you are buying the reptile pet.

Buy Bearded Dragon from Internet Pet Store & Breeder
There are many internet pet stores and bearded dragon breeders that selling the pet dragons. If you do not have friends or families that have experiences in buying from them, normally you may feel not confident in trusting and buying from. However, you can consider this option as this might be a good place for you to source your bearded dragons.

If you are a first time internet bearded dragon buyer, checking the pictures of the bearded dragon is a must. Try to ask as much questions as possible to clarify the uncertainty. Make sure they have some sort of guarantee, for example a live arrival guarantee. Once you find that it is a good pet store or breeder that deliver healthy pets, then you can stick with them for future purchase.

The most basic thing to buy a bearded dragon is to make sure that is not too young. A hatchling is hard to take care of. Make sure that it is at least 5 – 6 inches long, which is about 2 months of age. You will have a better success rate in take good care of it.

These are several signs to look for when buying bearded dragons:

Good Signs
Signs that associated with healthy bearded dragon that is good for purchase.

  • Active & Alertness
  • Head is up, dragon is perky and like basking
  • Perch under basking light and body is raised
  • Clear and bright eyes
  • Rounded body contours around hip bones and spine, no bones showing
  • Fat tail base
  • No missing tail nip or toes
  • Tail curled towards head is great sign

Bad signs
These are the signs for unhealthy bearded dragon. You should avoid bearded dragon with these signs.

  • Tired, lethargy and depression
  • Barely move around
  • Half or closing eyes, any form of excretions around eyes
  • Spine prominent, hip bones showing
  • Missing tail nip or toes
  • Wounds around
  • Fecal smearing around vent

Besides the signs on bearded dragon, you should about the pet store that is not taking good care of this reptile pet such as improper cage lighting, improper heating, overcrowded environment, dirty cage that house the bearded dragon. These are the things that are matter to a bearded dragon health.

I hope this bearded dragon buying guide can help you.