Bearded Dragons Dried and Canned Foods

Most of the commercial bearded dragon foods on the market today are based on plant and animal ingredients. There are many types of reptile and amphibian food available, try to find on especially made for bearded dragons.

Many bearded dragons are hesitating to eat commercial food available for them as they prefer live food that is moving around. If this is the case, you may try to hand feed them. Sometimes, you may need to try different brands of the food to feed your bearded dragons and find one that is acceptable for them. There are several reputable brands of bearded dragon food such as Exo-Terra, Zoomed, Rep-Cal, Fulker’s, and Nature Zone that you may choose from.

The commercial bearded dragon foods are dry which cause them not likely to eat. One way of feeding the food is to place the food together with greens, vegetables or fruits in the food dish. The moisturized food is may add some values to the reptile pet.

Soak or spray the food with water is a good idea. It will be more appetizing.

It is not recommended to provide solely the commercial foods to your bearded dragons, especially the young and baby dragons; live feeders are always the best choice. They need fats and protein from live food for growing. Feeding commercial bearded dragon food to the adult dragon may be more viable option. Most of commercial foods are dry and in fact bearded dragon needs water in the daily diet; live insects, vegetations contain larger amount of water that bearded dragon needs. If insufficient water in the bearded dragon daily diet, it may cause kidney disease due to chronic dehydration.

Commercial bearded dragon foods are good if use it once in a while or when you are rushing for time. Do not feed your pet dragons exclusively using commercial food. If you’re feeding your bearded dragon with commercial food most of the time, make sure that sufficient water are provided, especially more vegetables, greens and fruits are needed in the daily diet.